Category: EV - Charging Stations [Links to charging station resources for plug-in electric vehicles] (6)

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Category: EV - Charging Stations (6)
Links to charging station resources for plug-in electric vehicles
Charging Station Tracker
This tracker focuses on latest revision SAE J1772 and CHAdeMO compliant units that are designed for North American commercial and residential end-users.
Advanced Energy Charging Station Tool
With the imminent rollout/adoption of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs), there is a clear and present need for charging stations, also referred to as electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE).

Advanced Energy continues to review, analyze and evaluate technical information submitted by commercial vendors, service providers and other interested parties on EVSE.
Advanced Energy Charging Station Installation Handbook
Now Available!
Advanced Energy's Charging Station Installation Handbook for Electrical Contractors and Inspectors includes information to help contractors and inspectors deal with the influx of requests for charging stations.
Charging Electric Vehicles
Charging plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and all-electric vehicles (EVs) requires plugging into electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). Hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) are charged using regenerative braking and the internal combustion engine and are not plugged into charging equipment.
EV Charging Cost Calculator
To charge EVs, or not to charge...that is the question for many governments and businesses today. To answer that question requires a good understanding of the business case of charging cars. As I see it, the Benefits and Cost of charging EVs comes down to these key variables.
Model EV Charging Station Installation Checklist (PDF)
It is recommended that government permitting agencies develop an installation checklist for all electric vehicle infrastructure permit applicants to complete as part of the permit application process. The Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation Checklist should contain the following information at a minimum.

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